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How to implement Onvif Network Video Analytics in C#

In this tutorial you can learn more about writing such codes in C#, which handle an IP camera using OZEKI Camera SDK.

In production and marketing point of view, it is really important to map correctly the consumer habits. The OZEKI Camera SDK helps you to perform this analytics. There are several areas, where you can apply it e.g. you can get data about how many customers are there in front of a certain shelf within a certain time period and you can also find out how many of them choose a certain product. The results can be used during the product placement (top or bottom shelf, main or side corridor, next to the checkout, etc), packaging, pricing, etc. You can use your IP camera to monitor remotely and then your system will analyze automatically.

Video analytics has a huge benefit among entry systems as well. Just a simple example: due to the number plate recognition, you can separate those drivers automatically, who paid for the parking and identify those who didn't. Or you can recognize the cars of your workers and identify others with ease.

You will find clear explanation (including code snippets and GUI screenshots) for every examples related to the functionalities mentioned above. The full source code of each example project can be downloaded and the FAQ section gives answers for the most commonly asked questions.

Ozeki Camera Recorder

If you are not a developer, but you need a great software to view or record your camera, we recommend you to use Ozeki Camera Recorder. This is a great end user product, that allows you to control your cameras from a webbrowser. It's easy and great. You can download it from the following link: Download Ozeki Camera Recorder.

Download link:
Download Ozeki Camera Recorder for Windows

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