Ozeki Camera SDK Product activation

Each professional software has its trial version. Trial versions are for users who wish to try out the functionality of the program without purchasing it. Downloading this version is a convenient way to get to know with the basic and most important features of the program you are interested in. However this version containts limited functionalities and it is not for everyday use. In order to use the software without any limitations product activation is needed.

Due to the trial version you can easily decide whether it meets your requirements or not - whether you would like to purchase it or not. Now, if you intend to buy the full version of the product, with every single function and capability, you will have to go through the purchasing process and, of course, the product activation. The following pages will guide you through the activation process of Ozeki Camera SDK, step by step. Follow the instructions carefully and activate the Ozeki Camera SDK in the easiest possible way. After purchasing a license it only takes a few steps to activate and start using the complete version and to build your own IP Camera solution.

Product activation in the development server

This guide demonstrates what you need to do to activate your Ozeki Camera SDK in your development server. Learn more: Ozeki IP Camera SDK product activation in the development server

Automatic license configuration in distributed product

This guide tells you about the license configuration that is part of the process when you upgrade the trial version to the full version of a software. Learn more: Ozeki IP Camera SDK automatic license configuration in distributed products

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